Tim Evans "Elevator"

December 27 - December 31 2018

Elle Gri Becha Poster w Branding (1).jpg

Elle Gri Becha 'Playgrounds in Watercolours'

1 December - 22 December 2017

Opening celebrations 6-8pm 1 December

Playgrounds in Watercolour, explores the concept of characters and symbols that develop into narratives.  

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FEM&IST Film Festival - Les Flâneuses Series

Thursday 23 November 2017

The flâneur: a figure of French poetry who was simultaneously traumatised by, and in awe of, his urban environment. As with all French nouns, the flâneur has a gender and that gender is male. We’ve subverted that (feminine spelling = flâneuse) and appropriated a gallery space to create active interactions with the moving image as you encounter them, in various nooks and crannies of the space. This series of short films explores the female and genderqueer experience of architecture."

dir. Jennifer Reeder - USA (2016)
English (19 mins)

dir. Maxime Gaudet - France (2016)
French (3 mins)

dir. Beck Cole - Australia (2004)
English (13 mins)

dir. Simona Castricum - USA (2006)
English (5 mins)


Shelley Horan "Sin"

September 22 - October 7, 2017

Opening night drinks, September 22, 6-8pm

Closing celebration October 7, 2-5pm


Mino Wu " Story of our Eyes"

August 29-15 September 2017

Opening night drinks, Tuesday 29 August 6-8pm

extended opening hours: Wed-Sun 12-5pm

Closing celebration, Friday 15 September 6-8pm

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Ethan Kristy "Man C*nt"

August 11 - August 26

Opening night Celebrations: Friday, August 11th 6-8pm (includes performance by Pluto Savage)

Closing party: Saturday, August 26th 2-5pm


*image from the series INKBLOT

Opening Night Fundraiser

Friday August 4th 2017, 6-8pm

Featuring works by Billi Lime, Charlotte St Clair Wilson, Sabio and Big Focus Animation

Amezaiku candy treats by Hattori Art

and performances by:

"Soft Opening" - Jen Moore and Sophie Perillo

"Spherics" - Emily Bennett (strings), Maria Moles (percussion), Chloe Smith (strings), John Stevens (electronics), Lloyd Honeybrook (winds)


Beach Spherics (curated by Rachel McLaren)

24 September 2017 3.30 for 4pm start

An afternoon of sound art and deep listening. Sound, movement, waves and beach. Evoking sounds of the sea spectrum.

Curated by Rachel McLaren, featuring:

Scott Mclatchie - Projections titled Static Sea

Conococo Phillips - Soundscape: Beach Dad

Wavey Day Connor - Sound piece titles Wavey Creature

Muddy Lawrence - Tape Loops

Eye - Sea Improv

Chellah - The Sea that Glitters